People often ask what I've been up to...

This is what I'm doing now.

(This is a Now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too!)

  • Alive and well in Amsterdam, NL. It’s just starting to get cold, and I’m just starting to get prepared for said cold.

  • 1 whole year sober (from alcohol) as I write this.

    • I have decided to stay sober. The level of fun I had in the last weeks of the year was proof enough for me that alcohol does not add any value to my time. When I was younger and still discovering myself (and considerably more self conscious) it acted as a nice buffer between my insecurities and acted as a social lubricant. I don’t need that anymore.

  • Still working for Netflix. Still loving it.

  • Currently reading:

    • Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan (on book 7, almost done. Really hating the characters at this point, but I’m told this is just a difficult point in the story)

  • Current Exercise Routine:

    • I have 30 days from this point to get beach body ready for a Mexican wedding. Still settling on exact details, but the plan is to work out either in my home gym using Fitbod every morning, or to go to Fresh Fitness (local gym) before work. My sleep schedule is seriously messed up from travel, so I didn’t go this morning, so I am off to a real great start…

    • I’m fixing up my third bedroom into a home gym/meditation space.

  • Currently learning:

    • J’apprendre le Français.

    • Just bought a year of Masterclass, so I’m excited to dive into their offerings

    • Saturday Sun by Vance Joy on the guitar. It’s 4 simple chords repeated, so I should have no excuse not to learn the guitar!

      • Update: I have memorized the chords and am working on adding them to the strum pattern. I’m very slow, but it’s beginning to sound like music.

  • Currently working on:

    • I should say I’ve been working on Alex is Awake (my first novel), but it’s been nearly 9 months since I really picked it up. My life has changed and this is not my immediate priority any longer.

  • Upcoming Travel:

    • Los Angeles, CA, USA - Jan 14-18, 2019

    • Los Gatos, CA, USA - Jan 18-21, 2019 (maybe)

    • UK - Jan 20-26, 2019

    • Playa Del Carmen, Mexico - Feb 12-19, 2019

    • Los Angeles, CA, USA - Feb 19-23, 2019

Slightly Updated Tuesday, January 15, 2019