People often ask what I've been up to...

This is what I'm doing now.

(This is a Now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too!)

  • Alive and well in Amsterdam, NL. It’s sunny and cool right now, but it’s warm enough for every patio in town to be packed full of people.

  • 1 whole year sober (from alcohol) as I write this.

    • I have decided to stay sober. The level of fun I had in the last weeks of the year was proof enough for me that alcohol does not add any value to my time. When I was younger and still discovering myself (and considerably more self conscious) it acted as a nice buffer between my insecurities and acted as a social lubricant. I don’t need that anymore.

    • A strange psychological tweak happened because of this decision to stay sober. Before there was always a sort of… “Time Limit” to my sobriety. Now it’s just… life. And when it stopped being a decision I was making everyday and became a simple fact of life, all of the brain chatter about it disappeared.

  • Still working for Netflix. Still loving it. My region is blowing up and we’re in a constant and worthwhile struggle to stay ahead of the work.

  • Currently reading:

    • Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan (on book 8!!!)

  • Current Exercise Routine:

    • Using FitBod app still, and I really like it. Used it during my 18 day trip to three different countries, all with different gym equipment and was able to have a great workout each day.

  • Currently learning:

    • Trying to push forward in my French lessons, and about to start Dutch lessons at work.

    • Bought a year of Masterclass, but I’ve yet to really take advantage of it…

    • Saturday Sun by Vance Joy on the guitar. It’s 4 simple chords repeated, so I should have no excuse not to learn the guitar!

      • Update: I have memorized the chords and am proficient with the strum pattern, now attempting to put it all together. Next stop: adding words.

  • Currently working on:

    • I should say I’ve been working on Alex is Awake (my first novel), but it’s been nearly 10 months since I really picked it up. My life has changed and this is not my immediate priority any longer.

  • Upcoming Travel:

    • Paris - March 9-13

    • Cape Town - Late March

    • Istanbul - TBD

    • Prague - TBD

    • Nordics - TBD

    • Bulgaria - TBD

Updated Tuesday, February 26, 2019