Hi, I'm Kyle


Hi, I'm Kyle



People often ask what I've been up to...

This is what I'm doing now.

(This is a Now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too!)

  • I’ve lived in Europe for 9 months now. It is home. Amsterdam is really wonderful.

  • 520 days sober (from alcohol) as I write this.

    • I don’t keep track anymore, but there’s a handy app that’s informational!

    • One of my strategies this year has been to identify “blockers” in my life. Habits that inhibit happiness or growth in some way.

      • One of them is that I’ve decided to eliminate dating apps, as I believe they allow me to avoid socializing by getting a small hit of perceived interaction.

      • Porn is another. It gives you a dopamine hit, but lacks the oxytocin and endorphins of physical connection and, as with social media and dating apps, allows you to avoid interactions.

  • I’ve worked at Netflix for over a year, and around this time two years ago was when I began my planned 1 year “Mini Retirement” that lasted 9 months.

    • During that time I made a small fortune on cryptocurrency, wrote a novel (still need to edit and publish), and learned how to code.

    • I believe this time off contributed to my willingness and ability to excel in my current position, and has made me a much better human

  • Currently reading:

    • Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan (20% through book 9)

    • Sex - School of Life

      • I highly recommend ANYTHING you can buy at the School of Life.

  • Current Exercise Routine:

    • Yoga 2-3 days per week, morning workouts using Fitbod App

  • Current Diet:

    • “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Vegetables” - Michael Pollan

      • I am using MyFitnessPal to monitor calorie intake for the time being.

  • Currently learning:

    • Passive

      • Just finished 10 weeks of dutch lessons. I feel like it really helped, but I have a long way to go.

    • Skill-Based

      • Guitar

        • Practicing intermittently.

          • NOTE TO SELF: If you have not committed to attempting daily practice by the next update, you have failed yourself

    • Active/Overtly Physical

      • Yoga. I’ve been doing yoga for about 8 years and each time I learn something new about myself. I’m currently looking for an active skill to learn, but for the time being I’m focusing on yoga.

  • Side Projects:

    • None at the moment. All of my Side Projects are more like sub-projects of my work with Netflix.

  • Recent Travel:

    • Cape Town, SA

      • I love the city a little more than last time, but the company was much better this time around. Met some good friends who I hope to stay in touch with for a long time. Still don’t think I could live there.

    • Paris, France

      • I love this city and would consider living here.

    • Cardiff, Wales

      • Cardiff is… strange. I almost got thrust into 3 fights by three separate angry gentlemen, all before 20.00! I ended up calling it a night at 22.30 because I saw a guy get stabbed by a broken beer bottle. Then, on my way out of town my shoes were stolen FROM THE SECURITY LINE AT THE AIRPORT.

    • Oslo, Norway

      • Spontaneous weekend spent chasing the northern lights, we saw a cruise ship evacuated and mingled with Olympic biathletes from a bunch of different countries.

  • Upcoming Travel:

    • LA, USA - June 6-9

    • London, UK - June 15-23

    • Berlin, DE - July 6-9

    • More Norway

    • More UK

    • More Paris

Updated Thursday June 6, 2019


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